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A meeting place, a place for reflection and discussion, the Fondation pour l’Architecture, created in 1986 on the initiative of the architect Philippe Rotthier, plays a major role in the dissemination of architectural culture in Belgium. The building which is home to the Fondation was extended first of all in 1990, through the development of a new exhibition area, the “gallery”, and in 2000 the Fondation integrated the International Centre for Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape (CIVA) in a new architectural complex covering 7000 square meters. The new institutional framework and the development of the architectural scene have led the Fondation pour l’Architecture to renew its ambitions and refocus its actions.
Today, the Fondation expresses itself mainly through major exhibitions, organised in partnership with the Archives d’Architecture Moderne. The aim of these specially created exhibitions is to allow a wide audience to appreciate figures and aspects of Belgian architecture which are, as yet, relatively unknown. These events are not simply retrospectives or specialised exhibitions, they also combine in a dynamic, interactive way architectural heritage and contemporary creation. As it has always done, the Fondation pour l’Architecture continues to adopt an original, questioning, exploratory approach, which remains unaffected by fashionable phenomena.

Alongside these major events, the Fondation pursues, both within the CIVA and outside its walls, its activities in the area of architectural creation and news: competitions, international meetings, events, publications, etc. It also organises the triennial Philippe Rotthier European Prize for Architecture, created in 1982, which today enjoys an international reputation.

Maurice Culot, president

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